MSS specialise in the installation of fully developed Multipoint Autogas systems for a vast range of petrol vehicles and offer a FREE no obligation quotation service

MSS Autogas LPG Warranty...

Service/User Manual . Approved Installers Certificate, 24 month LPG Vehicle Breakdown Warranty . Filling instructions

Service/User Manual
Every MSS Autogas Centre SGI conversion comes with a comprehensive Service/User manual that fully describes the system and how it works. We advise all customers to read the booklet and familiarise themselves with their new autogas conversion and be aware of recommended service intervals in order that the manufacturer's warranty is maintained.

Approved Installers Certificate
All MSS Autogas Centre conversions are commissioned and certified by an Approved Installer. It is recommended that customers advise the DVLA and their vehicle insurance company that the vehicle has been converted to dual fuel petrol and LPG and most of the leading UK insurance companies now ask for a copy of an Approved Installers Certificate.
A copy of your certificate may also be presented to qualify for a £15 - £20 discount on your vehicle excise duty (road tax) and in many areas, discount on parking permits, car parks and road charging.

24 Month LPG Vehicle Breakdown Warranty
This warranty was the first UK warranty specifically designed for dual fuel customers and following its success has become the industry standard and has been adopted by many other UK equipment suppliers. We provide a 24 month warranty FREE with every Sequential Gaseous Injection conversion.

The warranty covers any vehicle components that may be adversely affected in the unlikely event of a conversion component failure. The warranty does not cover damage that occurred prior to the conversion, faulty installation or damage that could be considered general ware and tear.
For full details of the warranty inclusions and exclusions, please contact MSS Autogas Centre directly.

Autogas Filling Instructions
If you are a new customer to autogas you may find the filling of your newly converted vehicle a little daunting. MSS Autogas Centre provide a clear instruction card to help with step by step instructions on how to re-fuel using the two types of filler guns found in the UK. If you are likely to be travelling to other European countries you will discover that different filler guns are in use and MSS Autogas Centre can provide appropriate adapters and instructions to suit.

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