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Refillable Bottles and Tanks for Motorhomes...

Motor-home owners and touring enthusiasts are catching on to the advantages of being able to fill their own domestic LPG tanks and bottles in the UK and throughout Europe. The MSS Autogas Centre's Light weight "Alugas" cylinder and 'Caratank' range are designed exclusively for the storage and delivery of domestic LPG in motor caravans and motor-homes. This is becoming increasingly more popular with over 1300 refilling station in the UK and well in excess of 25000 throughout Europe

With a remote filling point, it's never been easier and whether you choose to opt for a fitted Caratank or one or two of the light weight Alugas Bottles there should be an option to fit the majority of units available today.

Caratanks are available in a variety of sizes from 30 litres up to 116 litres to suit internal or external fitting, combined with an external filler point for remote filling you can self-fill at over 25000 Autogas stations throughout the UK and Europe

Meeting Approvals
The MSS Autogas Centre 'Caratank' and Light weight "Alugas" bottle' meet all current European regulations and are supplied fully valved with automatic fill stop at 80% (OPD)

Important information
Bottles are available to the public that have no automatic fill stop - these do not conform to current UK recommendations and refilling of these on public sites may be prohibited

Home and Away
The UK now has over 1,300 public LPG autogas refuelling sites where you can refill your 'Caratank' and 'Carabottles' and you can find these on a new map available from our autogas shop. Filling up on the continent is made easier with a range of filler adapters to suit most types of filler guns also available from MSS Autogas Centre by mail order.

Light Weight Aluminium Bottle
The MSS Autogas Centre light weight Alugas cylinder offers greater flexibility to users who are looking to save weight as well as having the ability to refuel their own domestic LPG supply both in the UK and throughout Europe. The cylinder(s) can be fitted as a single unit or a second cylinder added to increase the LPG capacity. Both cylinders are connected to a single external filling point and both will automatically fill to 80% no matter how little LPG you have already used.

With fitting taking as little as one hour this is both an affordable and easy alternative to exchanging cylinders this also does away with the problems of locating and fitting of alternative makes of cylinder wile abroad Combine this with the lower cost of Autogas per litre compared to the cost of exchanging cylinders and the cost benefits to the end user are easy to see.

Two Alugas bottles
External Filler Point
  • Only 6.3 KG Empty Weight
  • 11Kg useable capacity fit to most european motor-homes
  • Refillable in UK and Europe
  • 80% Cut off valve
  • Liquid protection tube
  • Detachable Carry Handle
  • Greater Heat Conductivity
  • Fully EU Approved
  • 300mm Diameter, 560mm Height (Include Handles)
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