MSS specialise in the installation of fully developed Multipoint Autogas systems for a vast range of petrol vehicles and offer a FREE no obligation quotation service

After 1998 - Tartarini SGI - sequential injection system - LPG Autogas...

MSS Autogas specialise in the installation of fully developed Sequential Gas Injection system, suitable for a vast range of petrol vehicles. We offer a FREE no obligation quotation service.

All our LPG conversions are dual fuel - so you can still use petrol as well. We fit an extra fuel system to your vehicle so that you can benefit from being able to run on LPG Autogas which is about half the cost of petrol.

We use Tartarini kit for the conversion of your vehicle, Tartarini offer a 2 year Warranty and Guarantee and also have distributors throughout the country. So we consider Tartarini to be the best system on the market. The Tartarini kit is also flexible so the conversion will convert almost all Petrol engined vehicles. With the price of Autogas at less than half that of petrol or diesel, the savings in fuel costs can be dramatic.
We also use for a slightly more cost efective option of fitting a Lovato Kit. This has all the same benifits as the Tartarini system.
The basic components are as follows:
Gas Tank: Usually mounted in the boot or under the boot floor in place of the spare wheel
Filler Point: This is located either on the vehicle panel or rear bumper skirt.
Regulator: This unit is mounted in the engine bay and allows the liquid gas coming from the tank under its own pressure to be vaporized by the means of water heating taken from the vehicles engine.
Injector Rail: The electronic gas injector via hose is connected to this nozzle and is capable of delivering the gas to each engine cylinder on demand.
Sequential Gas Injection CPU: This is the brain of the system. Its main purpose is to convert the petrol injector signals, to signals for the Autogas Injectors.
Change over switch: This unit can be mounted discreetly on the vehicle dashboard. The switch has a small push button that allows the driver to select the fuel to run on either petrol or LPG.  The switch also incorporates a fuel gauge.
Change over switch
Filler Point
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